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verging on idol worship
my life is smoke and mirrors
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14th-Dec-2015 05:06 am - Friends Only
Oldskool Mai

My journal is now friends only. If you'd like to be friended, please leave a comment letting me know who you are and what your purpose is here, Mr. Smith. (Sorry, couldn't refuse; feeling a little too piratey, savvy?)
4th-Mar-2014 10:43 pm - Pets
Uni Bill and Tom

Trying to get a crown for Georgia and Clover. All clicks are appreciated! :D

Click Flarius to help evolve the creatures!
6th-Feb-2014 09:46 pm - Contest
Oldskool Mai
I'm reaching out to all of my friends for this one. My boyfriend and I are entered into a Cutest Couple contest with our local paper. I would greatly appreciate everyone's vote. You do have to register, but I will give you all big huge hugs if you take the time to do so and vote for us. You can vote once per day until Monday at midnight. Wish us luck!

27th-Apr-2012 01:15 am - Vampire Big Bang!
bitey Bill

Sign ups are open for the third round of vampirebigbang.
A multi-fandom big bang with bite!!!

Rules and Information
Author Sign Ups | Artist Sign Ups

I just signed up, and even though I can't go with my original plan, I'm still looking forward to writing and coming up with something new. :D
19th-Apr-2012 11:37 pm - Meme
Oldskool Mai
Thieved from gajastar.

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14th-Feb-2011 11:43 pm - Project 365
twin love
Happy Valentine's Day, my lovlies! <3s all around!

I hope you all had as great a day as I did with your loved ones. That's all I asked for and I got it, for the most part. Graham and I had some subs from Domino's and a little wine. Classy, I know, but it was fun, and I discovered that wine is good...really, really good. ^_^ Below the cut is my present from him. Other than the quiet dinner, I had mentioned a necklace and some flowers as possible presents. He went with the necklace.

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